SELECTED READINGS FROM ATHAR: Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the Arab Region, Oct. 2013, series 1. (in English – pdf 6.18 MB)


NEWSLETTER: ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre, Oct. 2013, Issue 1. (in English – pdf 18.33 MB)


Arabic-English Glossary (pdf 653 kB)

Mahdy, Hossam. ICCROM, 2008. (Document)

Glossary of conservation terminology (Arabic-English and English-Arabic) developed by Dr Hossam Mahdy for the ATHAR programme and intended for conservation professionals working in the Arab region. This is a preliminary document distributed to invite discussion and comments.


ARC Laboratory Handbook: porosity, salts, binders, colour (pdf 5.1 MB) [light version(pdf 2.7 MB)]

Borrelli, Ernesto; Urland, Andrea. ICCROM, 1999. (Book)

vol 1 and 2 (pdf 1.1 MB), vol 3 and 4 (pdf 1.9 MB), vol 5 (pdf 2 MB)

The handbook is intended to assist professionals working in the field of conservation of architectural heritage, historic structures and materials. Prepared principally for architects and engineers, it may also be relevant for conservator-restorers, archaeologists and others. It is structured as follows: Vol. 1: Introduction, Vol. 2: Porosity, Vol. 3: Salts, Vol. 4: Binders, Vol. 5: Colour specification and measurement.


Are you an archive?(pdf 310 kB)

ICCROM, 2005. (Leaflet)

The leaflet aims at raising awareness among small institutions of the importance of preserving their institutional memory, encouraging them to make use of the information and advice available through different sources on archival preservation strategies. The leaflet has been published jointly by ICA, IFLA and ICCROM.


La Conservazione sullo Scavo Archeologico(pdf 5.5 MB)

Stanley-Price, Nicholas (ed.). Centro di Conservazione Archeologica. ICCROM, 1986. (Book)

Italian translation of the proceedings of a congress organized by ICCROM in Cyprus in 1983. It comprises 11 papers on topics such as: excavation and conservation; the role of the objects conservator in the field of archaeology; object interred, object disinterred; first-aid treatment for excavated finds; on-site storage of finds; protection and presentation of excavated structures.


Crafts and Conservation: Synthesis Report for ICCROM(pdf 431 kB)

Donkin, Lucy. ICCROM, 2001. (Report)

This report illustrates the issues surrounding crafts and conservation, with the help of various examples and case studies. It is divided into four sections: the notions of crafts, conserving the intangible, conditions for conserving the intangible and the role of the conservation-restoration field.


A History of Architectural Conservation(pdf 6.7 MB)

Jokilehto, Jukka. ICCROM, 1986. (Thesis)

part 1 (pdf 1.8 MB), part 2 (pdf 2.1 MB), part 3 (pdf 3.0 MB)

This document (466 pages) consists of the research undertaken for the degree of the Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil.) at the University of York, England, between 1978 and 1986.


ICCROM and Public Advocacy (pdf 3.8 MB) [light version (pdf 693 kB)]

Grattan, Naomi. ICCROM, 2004. (Report)

Since 1990, ICCROM has undertaken a wide variety of activities to raise public awareness of the fragility of cultural heritage, and the importance of heritage conservation. This document is intended to provide useful historical documentation of ICCROM’s advocacy activities since the early 1990s.


Introducing Young People to Heritage Site Management and Protection(pdf 1,9 MB)

Aslan, Zaki; Ardemagni, Monica (eds). ICCROM, 2006. (Manual)

The manual is aimed at introducing heritage education in school curricula.


Introducing Young People to Heritage Site Management and Protection (in Arabic – pdf 6,7 MB)
Aslan, Zaki; Ardemagni, Monica (eds). ICCROM, 2007. (Manual in Arabic)
part 1 (pdf 3.8 MB), part 2 (pdf 3.2 MB)

Arabic translation of the manual aimed at introducing heritage education in school curricula.


Introducing Young People to Heritage Site Management and Protection (in Spanish – pdf 9.1 MB)
Aslan, Zaki; Ardemagni, Monica (eds). ICCROM, 2007. (Manual in Spanish)

Spanish Adaptation of the manual aimed at introducing heritage education in school curricula in Colombia.


A Laboratory Manual for Architectural Conservators(pdf 2.7 MB)

Teutonico, Jeanne Marie. ICCROM, 1988. (Book)

The above book is now available from ICCROM as a PDF file. It was written in 1988 as an introduction to working practices  in an architectural conservation laboratory, and was aimed at helping the reader to understand the character and behaviour of building materials, their identification, and the diagnosis of their state of conservation.


Measuring Heritage Conservation Performance(pdf 13.6 MB)

Zancheti, Silvio Mendes; Similä, Katriina (eds). ICCROM and CECI, 2012.

part 1 (pdf 4.9 MB), part 2 (pdf 4.4 MB), part 3 (pdf 5.0 MB)

Proceedings are from the 6th International Seminar on Urban Conservation which took place in Recife, Brazil in March 2011.The papers cover six subthemes for evaluation of conservation performance: identification and inventories; assessment and evaluation; economics and development; monitoring and measurements; participation and inclusivity; and indicators.


Our Students and Ourselves, Approaching Course Design (pdf 424 kB)

ICCROM, 2004. (Manual)

This document covers the topic of course design in heritage and conservation fields.


The Power of Internship, an Excellent Way to Excellence(pdf 1.5 MB)

ICCROM, 2005. (Leaflet)

The leaflet explores the potential of internships in professional development, either as a part of a degree programme or continuing professional development. It considers the point of view of institutions sending or receiving interns, of tutors working directly with interns, and of course, of the interns themselves.


Protecting Cultural Heritage in Times of Conflict(pdf 9.3 MB)

Lambert, Simon; Rockwell, Cynthia (eds). ICCROM, 2012.

These are the collected contributions of participants of the ICCROM International course on First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Conflict (FAC) – 2010 and 2011 editions. Based on the participants’ own experience, this illustrated volume takes a closer look at some of the practical challenges and possible opportunities for enhancing the protection of cultural heritage in conflict afflicted areas. Also included is a list of further readings and online resources.


Risk Preparedness: A Management Manual for World Cultural Heritage (pdf 8.0 MB) [light version (pdf 2.4 MB)]

Stovel, Herb. ICCROM, 1998. (Book)

The second in the series of management guidelines and manuals for World Cultural Heritage (see also Feilden/Jokilehto), this volume addresses the issue of risk preparedness in both general and specific terms. After an introduction to the overall context and principles, the author then discusses property-specific strategies for various major risks, such as fire, earthquakes, flooding, armed conflict and other hazards. The final section covers putting risk-preparedness into practice. A list of sources and various key documents are also provided.


The Role of Architecture in Preventive Conservation(pdf 2.3 MB)

Toledo, Franciza. ICCROM, 2006. (Report)

ICCROM Fellowship report discusses the climate responsiveness of historic and modern buildings, especially when reused for museum purposes, and how these buildings can be designed or adapted using architectural solutions to provide passive climate control for the preventive conservation of museum, library and archive collections. The use of forced ventilation is also described. The report presents extensive documentation from the PREMA course, especially as related to the design and improvement of museum storage facilities in Africa.


Sharing decisions: lessons learnt from an ICCROM course (pdf 5.4 MB) [light version (pdf 1.4 MB)]

Varoli Piazza, Rosalia (ed.). ICCROM, 2007. (Book)

Italian (pdf 5.4 MB), light version (pdf 1.4 MB)

This publication contains reflections by professionals involved in all aspects of the 2006 course. Contributions are grouped into seven chapters: ‘Behind the scenes’, ‘Sharing and communicating techniques’, ‘History and values’, ‘The object and its context’, ‘The object as a source of information’, ‘Learn from the emergency’, and ‘Tools for the future’. The accompanying CD-Rom contains course information, a bibliography, glossaries, and a pdf version of the book in both English and Italian.


Standards in Preventive Conservation: Meanings and Applications(pdf 361 kB)

Alcántara, Rebeca. ICCROM, 2002. (Report)

This report, produced by a non-western conservator, discusses the notions of standards in preventive conservation and their applicability beyond the specific context in which they were created.


Teamwork for Preventive Conservation(pdf 667 kB)

Putt, Neal; Slade, Sarah. ICCROM, 2003. (Manual)

This document outlines an approach to introducing teamwork to improve preventive conservation in museums. It is based on the experiences of eleven museums from nine European countries that took part in ICCROM’s Teamwork for the Preventive Conservation Project.