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Arab Forum For Cultural Heritage:

The Arab region today is at a critical crossroads, as cultural heritage has never before been exposed to the types of threats it is facing today; the natural processes of decay and deterioration have always threatened heritage, but human-induced threats such as negligence, development and even deliberate destruction have recently intensified. Despite the current challenges, cultural heritage has the potential to unify society and foster a culture of peace. Cultural heritage may indeed be a vehicle to resolve grievances and to diffuse conflicts. Responding to regional needs, ICCROM-Sharjah has launched the first Arab Forum for Cultural Heritage, entitled “A Regional Vision to Preserve and Promote Cultural Heritage” in February 2018, in Sharjah, UAE. It had focused on the notions and perceptions of cultural heritage in the Arab Region, the reasons that motivate societies to preserve it, the threats facing it, and the strategy to protect and promote it.

As a continuation of these important discussions, and after publishing the proceedings of the First Forum, ICCROM-Sharjah decided to organize the second Arab Forum for Cultural Heritage during 2020, entitled “Authenticity, Community and Conservation in the Arab Thought”. The second edition of the forum will discuss the characteristics of Cultural Heritage in the Arab Region, the specificity and diversity of heritage and the notion of authenticity in an Arab Architectural – Urban context; its association with ideological understandings of heritage and its relation to the origin, memories, and languages. This forum will particularly focus on the socio-cultural dimensions related to the notion of living heritage It will further address global perspectives in this field versus local and regional perceptions expressed through tangible and intangible aspects.