Projects in focus

Western Sudan Community Museums

The project supports the protection and restoration of three Community Museums in Western Sudan, enabling them to provide for the educational and cultural needs of their communities and, thereby, visitors and tourists. The project helps ensure the museum buildings and enclosures are protected and fit for purpose, their contents are conserved and recorded, their displays attractive and engaging because well researched, explained, and designed. The three museums will set standards of expectation and goals for government support, internal and external funders.

Eighteen months of hard work and the dream is transforming into a reality. The project has succeeded in fulfilling its main objectives and these will come into fruition over the coming year. Sudan will have three museums of international standards that are integral to the life of their communities and representative of their shared history and culture. NCAM, the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums, will have a working model for the development of their other regional museums and the museum sector as a whole.

The WSCM model consists of five parts or areas of development:

  • Community engagement: for living museums, shared culture, peace dividend
  • Building restoration and improvements: for heritage, civic and social space
  • Collection management: for protection of cultural heritage artefacts
  • Education, exhibitions, media: to promote cultural heritage and attract visitors
  • Museum Management: to create successful and sustainable museums