Current Team Members :

Dr. Zaki ASLAN, Director

Mr. Amgad El-ATROZY, Operations Officer

Mr. Abdullah HALAWA, Project Specialist, Built Heritage and Education

Ms. Yasmin HASHEM, Project Specialist,  Information and Training

Mr. Shahul Hameed NALAKATH, Chauffeur and Messenger

Mr. Anwar SABIK, Project Specialist, Field Projects

Ms. Sherin SAHOURI, Project Specialist, Thematic and Policy Studies


Former Team Members :

Ms. Noura AL-ALI, Administrative and Financial Assistant *

Ms. Shaikha AL-ALI, Administrative Assistant*

Mr. Nasir AL DARMAKI, Project Coordinator *

Mr. Abdul-Hameed AL-NASSAR, Associate  Expert (Programmes)

Ms. Samar AL-ZWAYLIF, Communication Specialist

Ms. Rola El NOUOU, Project Assistant (Visual Communication & Design)

Dr. Fatma MARII, Project Consultant (Conservation & Laboratory)

Ms. Rana SALAH, Translator

Ms. Rahel WOLDE MIKAEL, Administrative Assistant in Rome


* On loan from the Government of Sharjah, UAE