ATHAR Centre’s strategy encompasses three main components and their foreseen outcome:

1. Capacity building in the fields of management of cultural heritage sites, documentation  and cultural tourism 

  • the integration of heritage conservation strategies and interventions within social and economic development planning processes,
  • the efficient use of inventories and listing procedures to manage heritage, and
  • the improvement of  knowledge and understanding about sustainable heritage development projects.

2. Professional development through higher education in conservation methodologies and techniques:

  • Enhanced professional qualifications will be established;
  • a regional network of conservation professionals and training institutions will be developed, and
  • conservation professionals will be involved in the management of heritage projects and in the decision making process.

3. Public support and outreach:

  • General public involvement in heritage will improve;
  • an increased sense of ownership and responsibility will foster more support for preservation; and
  • provision of information on cultural heritage matters to policy makers will better inform their decision making.