Core Activities

ICCROM-Sharjah focuses on 5 main activities:

Continuing Education: Building institutional and professional capacities to enhance conservation and management practices through training and education programs in collaboration with related academic and research institutions.

Policy Development: Bringing together renowned cultural heritage thinkers and specialists to address current themes that are important for the region’s sustainable goals relevant to heritage conservation and development.

Field Projects and Advisory Services: Offering support, co-ordination, facilitation and technical advice on cultural heritage conservation and management, when requested by Member States or partners from the field.

Outreach and Advocacy: Raising the awareness of the public about the rich history of the Arab region and foster a more mature understanding of the importance of cultural heritage conservation and management through good practices of conservation.

Knowledge Dissemination: Sharing the outcomes of ICCROM-Sharjah’s research work, training and advocacy through publications and guiding frameworks.