I enjoyed … to learn more about your important work in the region. Truly, it is through education, capacity building, and the empowerment of young professionals that the region’s cultural heritage will be safeguarded and valued for generations to come.

Colleen Ritzau Leth, Global Museum Leaders Colloquium, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

During my visit to the ATHAR Centre, I had the privilege of appreciating the quality of its work exemplified in the training activities it offers, which have helped build a large network of professionals. What really facilitated me were the following areas of development:

* Publishing policy and Arabic translation of technical and professional information resources on conservation and management of cultural heritage;
* Effective networking means and actions for dissemination and communication;
* The ongoing construction of the centre’s building which contributes to the sustainability of the centre’s achievements and goals; I was impressed by its functionality and elegance.

The Centre is funded by and is under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, of Sharjah, who is personally involved in the centre’s activities and events.

The work of the ATHAR Centre is a leap towards a better, more professional and a well-founded future not only for the management, development and conservation of cultural heritage in the Arab world, but also for ICCROM itself.

Marie Lavandier. Board Member of ICCROM. Director of the Centre for Research and Restoration of Museums of France

The courses implemented by ICCROM-ATHAR have positively impacted professionals working in the field of heritage conservation in the Arab world. In addition, these courses provided an exceptional opportunity to learn about the heritage of other Arab colleagues and allowed us to improve our understanding of the restoration of the various buildings and heritage sites while given the opportunity to exchange knowledge amongst the participants.

Sara Al Naqbi, UAE.

Since 2012, I have participated in several training courses organized by ICCROM-ATHAR and included important areas such as architectural heritage documentation, and conservation and management of heritage sites and museums. My participation has been fruitful for me on several levels, such as strengthening my academic knowledge in several fields, as well as the application of theoretical courses in the field of work through many projects. The most important of which is the rehabilitation of Dar Al-Dai in Tunisia, one of the projects that received the 2016 Award for Best Conservation Practices by ICCROM-ATHAR.


Belhassen Kinbi, Tunisia

Here, the area of discovery is wide and beautiful…To realise that there is more cultural stock and knowledge than imagined in the field of Arab heritage … To meet your Arab compatriots in one place and to learn about different cultures is one of the purposes of my participation in these courses. Culture and heritage are our bet to unite, and ICCROM-ATHAR is the one that is providing the platform to conserve this cultural heritage.

Fatema Adulnabi, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Coming from a heritage building background, we felt that the course content, which also included archaeology and museums, was helpful in obtaining a wider perspective of conservation as a subject.  The distinct quality of teaching material and the innovative teaching methods adopted by some of the instructors were really engaging. The projects and assignments helped us understand our potentials besides architecture and conservation. The intermingling of trainees with different experiences and capacities would definitely prove beneficial in building a unified thought process and an information and facility sharing system in the Arab region in the future.

…Overall a good experience!

Kamyar Kamyab and Shubha Varma. Sharjah, UAE

During the course on Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage: Sites and Museum Collections, we learned some new methods of management and planning for cultural heritage which can help us a lot in Sudan. Knowing more information about the digital documentation of heritage and about the international practices for protection and conservation of heritage sites has added a unique value to our knowledge, which, in turn, is the future of our heritage.

Fawzi Hassan Bakhiet. Khartoum, Sudan

The ICCROM-ATHAR courses have taught me a lot regarding the preservation of monuments, especially mosaics. I participated in the course held in TYRE / LEBANON, in which I gained information and practical experience which enhanced my ability to work in the maintenance of mosaics with greater confidence.

Mohannad Al Taweel. Swaida, Syria