Conservation and rehabilitation project of Bait Sayyid Nadir and Bait Sayyida Muzna

Within the framework of a cooperation agreement between ICCROM and the National Museum of Oman for the conservation and rehabilitation of the “Sayyied Nader and Sayyieda Muzna” houses a structural mission to Muscat was carried out from 24th till the 28th of February 2019 to investigate the structure state and condition of both Bait sayyid Nadir and Bait Sayyida Muzna, as well as understand the nature of the structure, the construction and coating materials. The expert’s mission was led by ICCROM consultants Dr. Ayman Herzallah, Eng. Tiziana Nazzola from SPC and Arch. Hiba Alkadri project’s consultant and local coordinator.

During the five days mission, the team performed several inspections and investigations for slabs, walls and foundations, in addition to collecting all required information to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the architecture and structure of these traditional royal houses.

Some structural programs were identified in one of the houses and urgent intervention was required, therefore the team took the necessary measures and a temporary consolidation was set in place until the commencement of the restoration works.