“The Day After: Shadows of Heritage” exhibition travels to Morocco

In the framework of the International Forum on “Cities and Heritage in the Arab States”, which was held over three days (26-28 November 2018) in Dar es-Souiri in Essaouira, Morocco, and was organised by ICCROM’s Regional Conservation Centre in Sharjah and the Moroccan Association of Archeology and Heritage, the photography exhibition entitled “The Day After: Shadows of Heritage” was launched on the 26th of December until 9th of December 2018.

The exhibition was held at Sidi Mohammed Bin Abdullah Museum in the Old City of Essaouira. It depicts the significant historic buildings, structures and cities, before and after destruction in several areas in the Arab Region. And though the integrity of these places has been affected, with the rubble on the ground casting a shadow on what once was a heritage structure, the aura of these buildings and sites persists and recalls the authenticity of its original remains. The exhibition focused on six countries from the Middle East: Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Palestine, presenting selected sites before and after the conflict and illustrating the extent of the damage.

This photography exhibition gave to the international community of heritage professionals a moment of reflection, by bringing to the forefront the conditions of cities and buildings in the post-conflict contexts. More importantly, it called attention to how international cooperation can be most effective in a recovery phase. Actively engaged in their respective countries, contributed the images on display in this exhibition. The “Day After: Shadows of Heritage” is a traveling exhibition in several countries. It was previously held in Rome, Italy and in Bahrain and it is planned to be expanded and implemented in a number of Arab countries.