M.A. in Cultural Heritage Management

With a focus on emergent conservation challenges in the Arab region, and integrated approaches to heritage management, and community and stakeholder partnerships, ICCROM (through its regional office ICCROM-Sharjah) and the University of Sharjah in the UAE, offer an innovative MA programme in Cultural Heritage Management.

In fact, the economic and social developments in the region over the last decades have inevitably led to increased pressure on resources, including cultural ones. Demand for land for housing and infrastructure projects, a massive increase in leisure tourism, as well as regional conflicts, have all combined to place an extraordinary burden on the people whose job it is to manage and protect this heritage. Such professionals require an increasingly wide range of skills to function effectively. They must be able to understand the scientific principles behind the application of conservation measures, to work both at an interdisciplinary level with architects, archaeologists, museologists, engineers and so on, and intersectorally with professionals from other areas of government such as tourism, housing, industry and education, and to be experts at promoting cultural heritage to diverse audiences, many of whom may be initially skeptical of the value of the past in the context of the present. Thus, the most pressing obstacles to heritage preservation in the region include insufficient trained and qualified professionals, in addition to inadequate public support of the work of official heritage institutions.

This programme will be comprised of two tracks to address heritage professionals from a diversity of backgrounds with specialisations in the management of built heritage or museum collections. Benefiting all ICCROM member states in the Arab Region, this MA in Cultural Heritage Management programme will be delivered by experienced professors and heritage management practitioners from around the world. It will consolidate a regional student network which will provide diverse perspectives in a dynamic learning environments. The programme will be unique in many ways due to its interdisciplinary approach, wide range of subjects, unique delivery format, flexibility, small class size, regional focus, distinguished faculty, and links to the international heritage community.

For more information on admission and other details about the programme, which will start in January 2019, please consult our websites: www.athar-centre.org or www.iccrom.org