New Publication: “Endangered Heritage Emergency Evacuation of Heritage Collections” available in Arabic

In collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), an Arabic translation of the manual “Endangered Heritage Emergency Evacuation of Heritage Collections” is now available for download on the ICCROM-ATHAR website.
This manual comes as a result of the experience of saving cultural heritage in communities besieged by war zones on the ground, collected through the ICCROM initiative to build first aid cadres for cultural heritage in times of crisis. The booklet provides guidance on how to evacuate heritage collections step by step in order to help communities and institutions trying to prevent destruction and looting of cultural objects during crisis situations, and can be used to train others and improve emergency preparedness at cultural heritage sites.

The publishers thank the Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation, a non-governmental organization Based in Cairo, for field testing of the steps and methodology of the work process.

To download this publication and others please click here