International Meetings of the Month of October

Barcelona, Spain:
The Director of ICCROM-ATHAR attended the opening of the 13th Conference of the ICCM Foundation, “International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics”, held in Barcelona on October 15-20, 2017 and gave opening remarks focusing on the role of ICCROM in establishing the ICCM in 1977.
The several sessions gave up-to-date information concerning knowledge and practice related to conservation approaches to mosaics at sites and museum environments. In retrospective, ICCM has largely contributed to advancing methods and principles as well as training of practitioners working in this field. However, similar to other conservation disciplines, there is a need to address issues related to integrating conservation in higher education curricula in policy and legislation framework, and in raising awareness of significance of mosaics as an art form.

Cairo, Egypt:
Representing ICCROM, the Director attended the “19th session of the Executive Committee of the International Campaign for the establishment of the Nubia Museum in Aswan and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization” which took place in Cairo, Egypt on October 19, 2017. In the context of recent developments related to NMEC project, the role of ICCROM in building a capacity of professionals working in the museum field, namely through training of trainers and the participation of eligible professionals in the upcoming MA program that ICCROM-ATHAR will be leading with the University of Sharjah. Other subjects related to collaboration with UNESCO-Cairo were discussed in light of the recently signed MOU between UNESCO and ICCROM.

Abu Dhabi, UAE:
At the invitation of the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism and Victoria and Albert Museum, the Director has taken part in a meeting titled “Reproduction of Digital Media”. The role of ICCROM was highlighted in the areas of capacity building targeting professionals, communities and networks, and policy-makers alike and in the long-term potential collaboration in the preservation of digital art (SOIMA), and in the contribution to guidelines that will stem from a charter that is being devised by V&A and its partners.

Dubai, UAE:
ICCROM-ATHAR participated in a meeting organized by the Ministry of Culture of the UAE on “World Heritage” that was attended by representatives from the seven UAE Emirates and speakers from other Arab States, and ARC-WH. The meeting helped inform responsible authorities of the dimensions related to the World Heritage convention and addressing challenges of development that World Heritage sites face.