Consolidating Sharjah’s Historic Al Midfa Windtower
16 April, 2017

As part of ICCROM-ATHAR’s advisory services and dedication to serving its Member States, the Regional Conservation Centre brought in expert Ayman Harzallah from the Italian SPC engineering firm to visit a leaning windtower in the heart of historic Sharjah to provide expertise to the ongoing consolidation and conservation project. This included documentation, diagnosis, calculation and structural modeling using the latest techniques in simulating the balance and stability of historical construction. The project proposes the use of modern reinforcement materials such as fiberglass, fiber carbon, stainless-steel wire robs and cables, and hydraulic lime as the most suitable materials for such historic buildings. Harzallah met with engineers working for the Sharjah Institute for Heritage, Shurooq, and potential contracting companies who listened to queries on the techniques of consolidation, proposed materials, and stages of work. It has been proposed that monitoring devices be installed on the tower, to monitor the movement and ensure the protection of employees and the site’s visitors during and after the consolidation work is completed. All the studies such as the structural report, consolidation materials, estimated costs, and detailed engineering drawings to consolidate foundations, walls and the tower itself, have been produced.