International Meetings For the Month of February
5 March, 2017

Public lecture hosted by the Bahrain National Museum, Meeting with Officials

On 22 February 2017 ICCROM-ATHAR Director, Dr. Aslan gave a public lecture entitled Critical Measures to Preserve Cultural Heritage During Times of Conflict in the Arab Region at the Bahrain National Museum. The invitation to speak was at the request of Her Excellency Sheikha Mai Al Khalifah, Chairperson of the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA). Moreover, the two discussed the means of cooperation with the Authority and the Category 2 Centre for World Heritage in the Arab States (ARC-WH).

Further discussions included cooperation in areas of training, thematic seminars on historic cities in the Gulf, joint publications, as well as taking part in an upcoming ICCROM-ATHAR International Conference in December 2017. The public lecture was attended by university students, faculty, officials, and foreign officials. 

Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage In Liberated Areas of Iraq Meeting

Dr. Stefano De Caro, Director General of ICCROM, and Dr. Aslan, Director of ICCROM-ATHAR, attended UNESCO‘s International Coordination Conference on the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage In Liberated Areas of Iraq in Paris from 23-24 February 2017. The purpose of this meeting was to analyze the current state of Iraq’s cultural heritage (historic buildings, archaeological sites, museums, artifacts, etc.) in the areas liberated by the Iraqi government. Moreover, ways to counter illicit trafficking were also discussed.

This extraordinary meeting comes within the context of the battle to regain Mosul from ISIS that is bent on destroying the region’s cultural heritage. As government forces continue to make progress against ISIS, this meeting is ever more relevant. Present at this important meeting were Iraq’s antiquity professionals, international experts, internal organizations, and cultural heritage specialists.