Special Roundtable on Post-Conflict Reconstruction of Historic Cities at the Louvre-Lens
11 January, 2017


At a time when significant archaeological treasures in the Middle East are threatened by tragic current events, ICCROM-ATHAR, in partnership with the Louvre-Lens Museum, are hosting a special event from 20 – 21 January on the theme of endangered heritage. Dr. Zaki Aslan, Regional Director of ICCROM-ATHAR, will facilitate an international symposium on post-conflict reconstruction of historic cities. This special event is being organized in partnership with Louvre-Lens in France, and the Institut du monde arabe in Tourcoing, France. It is part of the programming for the Louvre-Lens exhibition ‘History Begins in Mesopotamia,’ currently running until 23 January.

This symposium, based on first-hand regional and international experiences, is organized in partnership with Louvre-Lens. It provides an opportunity for participants to discuss approaches towards heritage reconstruction by comparing examples from different time periods and regions. Reconstruction, reconstitution or recovery of a destroyed heritage asset poses technical, scientific, and methodological questions, together with ethical, economic and political ones.

The first day will introduce various viewpoints on post-conflict reconstruction, along with the work of international organizations. Case studies from Europe and the Middle East will be presented to illustrate and support the views presented.  A round-table at the end of the day will summarize the debates. The second day, devoted to professionals, will focus on the role of development agencies in reconstruction processes and strategy development for areas emerging from armed conflict.

The event will bring together specialists from international organizations including the European CommissionWorld Bank, UNESCO, ICOMOS, ALECSO, IRCICA and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, as well as representatives from several governments and universities in France, Europe and the Middle East.

Admission to the event is free of charge.

For more Information and booking: +97165552250