ICCROM-ATHAR Provides Capacity Building to Professionals from Syria, Iraq, and the UAE to Assess Risks for Cultural Heritage
16 October, 2016

ICCROM’s Regional Conservation Centre in Sharjah, UAE (ICCROM-ATHAR) strongly supports museums, collection houses, libraries and storages of archaeological objects, as they are crucial components of cultural heritage, valuable sources of human pride, and significant factors in cultural and identity formation.

Therefore, the centre designed a course to equip professionals working in the field of cultural heritage conservation, particularly in museums, with the capacity and knowledge required for the protection of cultural heritage. The centre introduced participants to the concepts and tools relevant to the risk assessment methodology. Moreover, they were trained to devise preparedness and response plans that are to be implemented in emergency settings, as these measures aim to mitigate risks faced by museum collections in times of crisis.

This timely course addressed the current crises befalling various museums throughout the Arab world in the form of deliberate human destruction, natural disasters, negligence and deficient management.

The course took place at the centre and was organized and supervised by experts from ICCROM and UNESCO. There were two parts to this course, one for Emiratis and Syrians from 2 to 6 October, and another for Iraqis from 9 to 13 October. The Iraqis only course was in cooperation with the Iraq UNESCO office, while the earlier course was solely organized by ICCROM-ATHAR.

The following is a list of the participants that partook in each course:

From Syria

  • Amal Zain Eddin
  • Ebaa Alshikh
  • Sawsan Khalifa
  • Qasem Al-Mohammad
  • Firas Dadoukh
  • Hala Shankhour
  • Michline Abu Sekkeh
  • Muad Ghanem

From UAE

  • Amna Al Hemeiri
  • Fadhel AI Ali
  • Fatima Al Ali
  • kelaithim Alshamsi
  • Salman Bushelaibi
  • Omar Aisuwaidi
  • Saleh Al Hammadi    

From Iraq

  • Ali Al- Mamoori
  • Ghaidaa Al- Janabi
  • Hamzah Ishmert
  • Hayder Al- Gburi
  • Ilham Alameer
  • Iqbal Ajeel
  • Mohanad Alyasari
  • Sabry Mraihej
  • Siham Kadim
  • Tawfeeq Mohammed