Training of Trainers: Protection of Yemeni Heritage in Times of Crisis
7 January 2016

ICCROM, through its Regional Conservation Centre in Sharjah (ICCROM-ATHAR), and in cooperation with the UNESCO Office in Doha, held a meeting on “Training of Trainers” in Amman, Jordan from 21 to 23 December 2015. Participating in this meeting were Yemeni professionals from:  the General Organization of Antiquities and Museums, General Organization for the Preservation of Historic Cities in Yemen (GOPHCY), and the Social Development Fund (SDF).

The meeting sessions focused on the process of transferring expertise with the aim of creating a national team which will contribute to the protection of heritage in Yemen. This is to be accomplished through conducting training courses in different parts of Yemen, establishing a network of professionals working in different sectors relevant to the protection of museums and heritage and archaeological sites, implementing risk assessment, as well as performing preventive and rapid measures to respond to emerging heritage risks and disasters.

After the Yemeni team presented the current condition of cultural heritage being destroyed in Yemen, discussing the local efforts invested in supporting, restoring and rehabilitating the affected buildings, the ICCROM-ATHAR team delivered theoretical presentations and conducted field training relevant to the methodologies of risk management, rapid assessment (inventories, photographic surveying, modeling, and archiving), for the protection of sites and museum collections. ICCROM-ATHAR provided the Yemeni delegation with several learning tools on risk assessment for heritage in times of crisis, including recorded tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, publications, readings and programmes. These learning tools will serve as key sources and references for trainers in Yemen.

List of Participants

From Yemen:

  • Saleh Alfaqih, archaeologist, General Organization of Antiquities and Museums
  • Abd Almannan Noa’man, Museum Director, General Organization of Antiquities and Museums
  • Adnan Bawzid, Hadhramaute Antiquities, General Organization of Antiquities and Museums
  • Abdulkareem Alburkani, Director of Antiquities and Cultural Properties, GOPHCY
  • Saeed Alshami, Inspection Director, GOPHCY
  • Aqil Nasari, Director of Studies Centre, GOPHCY
  • Nabil Munsir, Vice President, GOPHCY
  • Mujahid Tafish, Director of Restoration and Buildings, General Organization of Antiquities and Museums
  • Abdulhakim Alsiyaghi, Heritage Unit Consultant, SDF


  • Kaouri Kawakami, Coordinator, Doha Office
  • Boujana Zifkovic, Coordinator, Doha Office
  • Dr. Alaa Al Habashi, Lecturer/Expert