Developing tools for documentation of cultural heritage in times of crises
15 May 2015

ICCROM-ATHAR hosted a meeting, from 12 to 14 May 2015 to discuss the development of assessment tools for heritage professionals from conflict-affected countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). These tools would support first aid interventions on cultural heritage in times of crises.

ICCROM and its ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre in Sharjah, together with ICOMOS-ICORP, ARC-WH, and the Global Heritage Fund (GHF), as well as education and heritage specialists, and former participants of ICCROM’s training courses worked together on this project to devise means and communication tools aimed at facilitating the documentation and assessment of damages impacting cultural heritage in times of crisis. In particular, GHF is working on the possibility to create a mobile application which could be used by professionals on sites during emergencies.

Recognising the leading role of ICCROM in developing international training and capacity building programmes for disaster risk management, participating institutions discussed objectives, target audience, and overall structure of the content of a pilot project in this field during 2015 – 2016. For this project, the participants identified, among others, issues related to rapid documentation and damage assessment.

With scientific support by ICCROM, this project has the potential to benefit professionals participating in the protection of cultural heritage in times of crises.

List of Participants:

Catherine Antomarchi, Unit Director, Collections Unit, ICCROM

Zaki Aslan, Director, ICCROM-ATHAR

Kamal Bitar, Cultural Program Specialist, ARC-WH

Marina Djabbarzade, Chair of Senior Advisory Board, Global Heritage Fund

Abdullah Halawa, Project Coordinator, ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Centre

Nada R. Hosking, Manager of Programs and Development, Global Heritage Fund

John Hurd, Senior Conservation Advisor, Global Heritage Fund and ICOMOS (via skype)

Rohit Jigyasu, President of ICOMOS-ICORP

Bijan Rouhani, Director AMAL in Heritage, Vice President of ICOMOS-ICORP

Anwar Sabik, Project Coordinator, ICCROM-ATHAR

Iman Saca, Ass. Professor, Director of the Middle Eastern Studies, Saint Xavier University

Shireen Sahouri, Architect, Consultant ICCROM-ATHAR

Abdelhamid Salah Sayed, Historical Conservator and First Aider to Culture Heritage

Julie Stevenson, Team Leader, E-learning, Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Aparna Tandon, Programme Specialist & First Aid Course Leader, Collections Unit, ICCROM