Workshops on Enhancing the Social and Cultural Role of Community ...

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Technical committee meeting of the Al-Nouri Mosque project

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 Representing ICCROM, Zaki Aslan took part in the first Joint Technical Committee Meeting for the “Reconstruction of Al Nouri Mosque and its Al Hadba Minaret in ...

UN Resident Coordinator Visits ICCROM-Sharjah

Dr. Dena Assaf, the newly appointed UN Resident Coordinator for the United Arab Emirates, visited ICCROM-Sharjah on December 16, 2018. Dr. Zaki Aslan welcomed Dr. Assaf and gave her a ...

Introduction to Documentation and Conservation of Built Heritage in the Arab Region


Under the Patronage of H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, the ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre in Sharjah (ICCROM-ATHAR), committed to the safeguarding of cultural heritage in the Arab region, for the benefit of local societies, individual countries and the region as a whole through the dissemination of the best practices in heritage conservation and management, is offering an introductive course programme composed of five course modules on: “Introduction to Documentation and Conservation of Built Heritage in the Arab Region”. This programme focuses on the professional development of those institutions and individuals whose task it is to look after cultural heritage. These one-week training modules will address the following areas:

  1. Introduction to Architectural Documentation for Built Heritage
  2. Introduction to Conservation of Stone and Mortar
  3. Introduction to Structural Conservation
  4. Principles of Conservation in the Management of Historic Sites
  5. Introduction to Conservation of Earthen Architecture

** Attendance on three of the five modules is mandatory in order to obtain the course certificate for this introductive course programme of ICCROM-ATHAR.

Module fees for the three modules will be of 1600 US Dollars.

Should you wish to participate in more than the three required modules, please indicate this request on the application form.

Participants and Admission

The module is intended for 15 – 20 heritage professionals working in the Arab states, including archaeologists, architects, art historians, collections and site managers, conservators-restorers, conservation scientists, curators, directors of museums, gallery and archive professionals, etc. Admission to the module will be subject to selection criteria including:

  1. Professional background: at least a Bachelor degree in a relevant field of study.
  2. Letter of intent: candidates are requested to provide a letter stating clearly the reasons for applying to the module, what they hope to learn from it, and how it will benefit them and their institution, country, or future employer.
  3. Employment: priority is given to professionals affiliated with institutions working in relevant fields.
  4. Work experience: those who have already gained at least two years of practical or research experience in the field will have priority.
  1. Insurance: All participants should also have health and accident insurance. Upon selection, they should return to ICCROM a signed medical and accident participant’s release form.
  2. Working languages: The main working language will be in Arabic. Proficiency of English and/or French will be an asset, particularly to communicate with international teaching team and to be able to pursue research work and reading of reference materials.
  3. Financial Resources / Support: A request for financial support should be indicated in the application form. ICCROM-ATHAR will provide a few scholarships (subject to evaluation), to cover accommodation, meals and travel for the duration of the course.


Please use the application form available on this web site. Applications should be endorsed by the relevant ministry or entity in the candidate’s home country. The carefully completed forms should be sent to:

ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre in Sharjah, UAE

PO Box: 48777 Sharjah, UAE

Tel: +971 (0)6 555 2250; Fax: +971 (0)6 555 2213


For candidates who need a visa, in order to save time, please send:

  • Passport copy
  • personal photo with a white background

ICCROM-ATHAR strives to share the outcome of the Centre’s experience and activities including research, experiences, publications from seminars, training manuals for professionals and schools. These publications are available in Hard copies through the ICCROM bookshop, or through soft copies here:


Selected Readings from ICCROM-ATHAR: Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the Arab Region


Following several ATHAR Programme’s foundation courses, it was deemed necessary to put some of the experiences learned in the hands of a wider audience beyond the direct benefit of course participants. This book is a result of valuable contributions from instructors who took part in ICCROM-ATHAR Courses. and who were invited to submit scientific material relevant to the topics they covered during the courses.
The subjects included in this first series range from theoretical approaches, to the conservation of cultural heritage sites, to the implementation of techniques and management approaches for the safeguard of immovable heritage for future generations.

Hard copy for sale in the bookshop
Soft copy in PDF


Introducing Young People to Heritage Site Management and Protection


This manual is a publication intended for primary
school teachers to raise awareness in the conservation of cultural heritage in the Arab region, making young people sensitive to the importance of heritage situated in their region thus involving them in its protection and care. It is a guide that offers principal notions on conservation practices and management of historical sites and cities, and underlines the threats facing cultural heritage today. It contains information, ideas and practical activities to help teachers introduce this theme in schools and school curricula. Schoolteachers may adapt it for various age groups as necessary, although it was specifically developed for pupils of an age group that ranges between nine and twelve years old.

Soft copy in PDF
Hard copy for sale in the bookshop

These publications are also available in ARABIC.

ICCROM-ATHAR publishes annual newsletters to update its audience on recent activities, courses and initiatives and to inform the public of the centre’s work.

Issue 3, November 2016


Special Edition, 2003-2014


Issue 2, May 2014


Issue 1, Oct. 2013

The ICCROM-ATHAR courses have taught me a lot regarding the preservation of monuments, especially mosaics. I participated in the course held in TYRE / LEBANON, in which I gained information and practical experience which enhanced my ability to work in the maintenance of mosaics with greater confidence.
Mohannad Al Taweel. Swaida, Syria
During the course on Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage: Sites and Museum Collections, we learned some new methods of management and planning for cultural heritage which can help us a lot in Sudan. Knowing more information about the digital documentation of heritage and about the international practices for protection and conservation of heritage sites has added a unique value to our knowledge, which, in turn, is the future of our heritage.
Fawzi Hassan Bakhiet. Khartoum, Sudan
Coming from a heritage building background, we felt that the course content, which also included archaeology and museums, was helpful in obtaining a wider perspective of conservation as a subject. The distinct quality of teaching material and the innovative teaching methods adopted by some of the instructors were really engaging. The projects and assignments helped us understand our potentials besides architecture and conservation…
Kamyar Kamyab and Shubha Varma. Sharjah, UAE
Here, the area of discovery is wide and beautiful…To realise that there is more cultural stock and knowledge than imagined in the field of Arab heritage … To meet your Arab compatriots in one place and to learn about different cultures is one of the purposes of my participation in these courses. Culture and heritage are our bet to unite, and ICCROM-ATHAR is the one that is providing the platform to conserve this cultural heritage.
Fatema Adulnabi, Kingdom of Bahrain
Since 2012, I have participated in several training courses organized by ICCROM-ATHAR and included important areas such as architectural heritage documentation, and conservation and management of heritage sites and museums. My participation has been fruitful for me on several levels, such as strengthening my academic knowledge in several fields, as well as the application of theoretical courses in the field of work through many projects…
Belhassen Kinbi, Tunisia
The courses implemented by ICCROM-ATHAR have positively impacted professionals working in the field of heritage conservation in the Arab world. In addition, these courses provided an exceptional opportunity to learn about the heritage of other Arab colleagues and allowed us to improve our understanding of the restoration of the various buildings and heritage sites while given the opportunity to exchange knowledge amongst the participants.
Sara Al Naqbi, UAE
During my visit to the ATHAR Centre, I had the privilege of appreciating the quality of its work exemplified in the training activities it offers, which have helped build a large network of professionals. What really facilitated me were the following areas of development…
Marie Lavandier. Board Member of ICCROM
I enjoyed … to learn more about your important work in the region. Truly, it is through education, capacity building, and the empowerment of young professionals that the region’s cultural heritage will be safeguarded and valued for generations to come
Colleen Ritzau Leth, Global Museum Leaders Colloquium